March 22, 2018

OFF TOPIC: Kevin Hart's Cheating Scandal Update

Actor/comeidan Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko at her baby shower Actor/comeidan Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko at her baby shower Photo: @EnikoPHart on Instagram

Kevin Hart is working to salvage his marriage

This article and video is a follow-up to our conversation about the Kevin Hart cheating scandal.

After Hart’s preemptive strike, coming public about his infidelity before the other woman could tell her story, most people wondered if Kevin Hart’s marriage could survive his unfaithfulness.

In fact, many thought Kevin Hart's professional life would rebound faster than his personal life.

But, surprise, surprise, Hart’s pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, didn’t take long to say she forgives her husband.

Mrs. Hart, appears to be at the moment, more concerned about the alleged extortion attempt than her husband's infidelity.

However, sources say despite forgiving her husband, the news of his cheating is taking a toll on Mrs. Hart.

“She has been hounded by the press, and is very upset,” a source told People. “She is trying to stay healthy and enjoy her pregnancy, but the latest drama is too much.

She is adamant about working through it,” the source added. “She won’t give up on their marriage.”

Suffice it to say, with this scandal, Kevin Hart’s personal life may indeed rebound faster than his professional life.

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