March 01, 2024
Ruth J Morrison

Ruth J Morrison

Howard Cross Talks Life After Football

What's The 411 TV correspondent, Andrew Rosario, interviews former NY Giants tight end Howard Cross at the 2nd Annual John Starks Bowling Fundraiser.

John Franco gives his perspective about the Wilpons' predicament in this post-Bernie Madoff environment.

He also shares his outlook regarding the NY Mets new season. In addition to going to Mets spring training, Franco also plans to hang out with his son who plays second base for Brown University.

It's official! Fox Broadcasting Company (owned by the controversial Rupert Murdoch) has its teeth set to take a chunk out of the neck of that other big sports network's (ESPN) audience.

Yesterday, Fox announced it will be launching its very own 24-hour sports network, FOX Sports, which will debut this fall.

The star-studded event, held at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in midtown Manhattan, was attended by today's sports stars as well as the Fox talkies.

Soon to be ex-Jet, Bart Scott; and Giants punter, Steve Weatherford, were joined by Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George. 

The Fox broadcast crew of Jimmy Johnson, Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw (who complained about having a headache), Curt Menefee, Howie Long, Kenny Albert, Darryl Waltrip, and Tim McCarver joined the face of the sports network, Chris Myers, in the festivities. Even the Reege (Regis Philbin) was in the house perhaps lobbying for a talk show on the network.

Myers talked about the network expanding and about how the network will be different.

NY Knicks assistant coach Herb Williams checks in with What's The 411's Andrew Rosario at John Starks' celebrity bowling tournament.

The two talk about the new makeup of the New York Knicks, the effects that trade rumors have on a team, and how it was for Williams, a former player with the New York Knicks, to play with John Starks.

NY1 anchor, Cheryl Wills, checks in with What's The 411 correspondent Andrew Rosario to reminiscence about tennis great Arthur Ashe. Cheryl Wills remembers Arthur Ashe as a New York and an international icon.

"It is so fitting that we are having this fabulous event to honor him and his legacy and all of the people who are carrying on his legacy, Wills stated."

"Arthur Ashe was about world peace. He was about advancing African-Americans and integrating us into a sports world that once wasn't so inviting to us,...everyone's heart broke when he left us, but this is a wonderful way to remember him," she continued.

The conversation took place at the Arthur Ashe Sports Ball 2012 held at Chelsea Piers to benefit the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, which provides a three-year science enrichment program for college-bound high school students.

What's The 411TV correspondent Andrew Rosario interviewed Olympian Gail Marquis as she was about to receive a Trailblazer Award at the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH) Sports Ball 2012.

With the help of Patrick McEnroe, Ms. Marquis, admits to What's The 411's Andrew Rosario that she has come to realize that after 40 years, she is no longer an All-American. She is now a trailblazer and she is willing to embrace her trailblazer status.

Gail Marquis won a silver medal for women's basketball at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Ms. Marquis is also in the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame.

The event benefits the AAIUH, which provides a three-year science enrichment program for college-bound high school students.

Former professional tennis player and ESPN New York 98.7 radio host, Patrick McEnroe talked about his memories of the late tennis star and humanitarian Arthur Ashe.

The conversation took place at the Arthur Ashe Sports Ball 2012 held at Chelsea Piers to benefit the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, which provides a three-year science enrichment program for college-bound high school students.

Patrick McEnroe shared how he benefited from Arthur Ashe's generosity. McEnroe remembers Ashe inviting him to Ireland for the Davis Cup as a practice player. At the time, Ashe was captain of the U.S. Davis Cup team and Patrick McEnroe was a junior player. Ashe thought it would be a good opportunity for Patrick McEnroe to join his brother John (McEnroe) enabling them both to see their family in Ireland.

"...everything he (Arthur) did in tennis and what he did for tennis pales in comparison to what he did just in his life," McEnroe stated.

WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW: John Calipari, University of Kentucky, Men's Basketball, Head Coach

It was the night of the Barclays Center opening. Music and business mogul, Jay Z, was about to take the stage and perform, the first performer to do so.

Kentucky's men's head basketball coach, John Calipari, was among the many that had come to the Barclays Center to celebrate a new beginning in Brooklyn and a new day of basketball in Brooklyn.

And, What’s The 411TV correspondent, Andrew Rosario, was on the red carpet ready to chat it up with Coach Calipari.



ANDREW ROSARIO: How soon did you start connecting with Peyton once you got into camp in the flow of the offense?

WES WELKER: I mean, pretty early on, we just kinda started working together right off the bat and stayed on top of things and talking through every scenario and being ready to go when the season started.

ANDREW ROSARIO: Was it difficult learning a new totally the offense?

WES WELKER: It is a little bit different. But, you know what, over time I became comfortable with it.

WATCH VIDEO: Peyton Manning on Developing Synergy

PEYTON MANNING: To form the timing that we have in just two years with guys like Decker and Thomas, it's a real credit to those guys for putting in the hard work. And, then Welker in just this first year, he and I have been on a cram session since April, talking after practice, working out routes because we can't get to the timing that he and Brady had that took 6 years of hard work together. But, Wes and I don't have six years left to play together so we really crammed this year same with Julius Thomas and then Adam Gage really helped me with learning the new offense. He met me halfway on some plays that I ran in my earlier offense. He said there's some new plays that I think you would like. I'll help you learn them. He and Mike McCoy last year really helped out a lot with that.

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