December 16, 2017

Brook Lopez Unfiltered: Nets vs. Celtics Post-game Press Meeting

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez talking with the media. Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez talking with the media. Photo Credit: What's The 411 Networks

VIDEO: Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez gives the media his takeaways from the Nets preseason 100-97 loss against the Celtics

Brook Lopez on tonight’s game:

“It was tough. Like you said I thought we came out with great defensive presence and energy, and we sustained it for the most part. The third quarter has been key for us the past couple of games and I thought while the Celtics made their run we responded, which is something that hasn’t happened in the past two games.”

Brook Lopez On exploring the offense:

“Yeah, no question. I think the process will definitely continue over the regular season as well. You know we have so many new guys, new faces that we are getting to know each other and know the system. We are learning on the fly, but we have lots of intelligent, smart and selfless guys here, so we are picking it up quick and we’re enjoying playing with each other.”

Brook Lopez on playing with Jeremy Lin so far:

“ It’s been great. You know, he makes everyone on the floor better, he makes me a better player no question. He’s just such a great influential presence out on the floor for us.”

Brook Lopez on team coming together on defense:

“Absolutely, we made a point that on the road we need to come out with energy, but we need to do the same at home, you know, we need to come out and be the aggressor. That’s where we’re going to be an advantageous position, that’s where we are going to find out solidarity within each other, playing with energy, playing together.

And, there is more in the video.

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